Americana preserved

Muffler Men are large fiberglass sculptures that were made by the International Fiberglass Company of Venice CA from the early 1960's until the mid 1970's. These characters vary in height- some as tall as 25 feet. There are a few varieties, and the stories of these "American Giants" can be found on the website. They are a fascinating piece of Americana, with each giant having his (or her) own personal journey and fascinating story.  Bringing Muffler Men to local communities is my way to give back some of the joy that I get out of visiting, photographing and painting these bigger than life wonders.

road trips

Is there anything better than a roadtrip? My wife and I have made Muffler Man hunting a part of our vacation routine, incorporating a few visits en route to our destinations. in some cases, we have made them our destination!


To me, Muffler Men are a true form of Art. Realizing that everyone can't personally witness the awesomeness of these wonderful giants first-hand, I am passionate about documenting and replicating them in a new art form. Through this, I hope to bring them to all.