Hippie Muffler Man

Bethel NY, Where the infamous Woodstock Festival was held.

In June of 2016, my wife and I took a day trip to visit the site in Bethel NY,  where the three day festival was held in August of 1969. Local Dairy Farmer Max Yasgur owned the land on which the concert was held.

The main stage was located atop this rock ledge and faced up the immense and sloping field. I googled Max Yasgur's Farm, wanting to give it a visit.

I stumbled upon a website during my search- roadsideamerica.com, and saw a Paul Bunyan picture- a Muffler Man!

A few miles down the road from the Woodstock site, we came upon Max Yasgur's Farm and saw a huge Paul Bunyan figure, repainted in Hippie Wear.